Colombia – Caoba Decaf


ORIGIN Colombia
REGION Huila – Tolima
FARMER Finca la Caoba
PROCESS Washed decaf
TASTING NOTES Nougat, coca nibs, citruses
PROFIL Espresso

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The Caoba Decaf coffee comes from different producers and is processed at Selecto Exportadores, a coffee exporter located in the heart of the Colombian coffee-growing region, at an altitude of 2153 metres above sea level, in the city of Manizales. With regional coffees, they aim to provide a consistent volume and consistent cup profile from each of Colombia’s coffee regions throughout the year.

Today, through the efforts of growers and the local “Coffee Institute”, 25 coffee producing municipalities produce certified sustainable, controlled origin coffees that promote sustainable production conditions and show the world the diversity and richness of Colombia’s coffees.

Decaffeination process
The decaffeination process is carried out in the city of Manizales, using ethyl acetate extracted from sugar cane in natural mould.
The green coffee beans are first subjected to a steam bath to extract the caffeine. This allows the natural solvent to penetrate the beans without affecting the taste of the coffee. The coffee beans are then poured into a water tank containing ethyl acetate. The caffeine is then released from the water and reused to extract further caffeine until the caffeine content is reduced to a maximum of 0,1 %. Decaffeinated coffee beans are dried to the same moisture content as their regular caffeinated counterparts.

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