El Salvador – Alvares Gallardo


ORIGIN El Salvador
REGION El Cipres – Montana, Santa Ana
FARMER Alvares Gallardo family
PROCESS Macerated natural
TASTING NOTES Rum punch, kiwi, peanuts
PROFILE Espresso & filter

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The El Cipres farm is located on the northern slopes of the Picacho volcano, in the Balsamo-Quezaltepec coffee-growing region. The estate consists of 90 hectares of coffee-growing land and 5 hectares of natural forest, which allows wildlife to flourish. The farm is situated at an altitude of 1070-1800 metres.

There is a strong family and social aspect, with all workers treated with respect and dignity. There is a permanent staff who live on the farm and whose food is supported throughout the year.

During the harvest season, workers are provided with a meal and coffee every day and a nutritious drink every other day to promote their health.

The ripe, harvested coffee is transported to the El Borbollon mill, where it is placed in a sealed container for 24 hours after the usual sorting process – this is the maceration process.

It is then removed and cleaned, placed on raised beds where it is left to stand for 1 day. The coffee is being turned every hour to ensure that the coffee dries evenly until the moisture content is reduced to 11%..

Thanks to the maceration process, the coffee retains the body and flavour typical of natural processing, but with a more pronounced acidity.

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