Ethiopia – Mustefa Abakeno


ORIGIN Ethiopia
REGION Agaro, Jimma
FARMER Mustefa Abakeno – Beshasha
TASTING NOTES Peach, orange, black tea
PROFILE Espresso

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Mustefa, a smallholder farmer in the Jimma zone of western Ethiopia, is known for his commitment to innovation, quality and community support:

– In 2018, he directly engaged with coffee buyers, which led him to create the Beshasha wet mill.
– In 2021, together with the Falcon team and the team’s agronomist Haren, he focused on training and supporting local farmers. In addition, the washing station has undergone a number of improvements.
– In a significant move in the 2022 off-season, Mustefa acquired four more acquisition areas – Echamo, Jarso, Badeyi and Saadi. This strategic expansion has not only strengthened Mustefa’s capacity to source coffee cherries, but has also increased its role as a catalyst for community development in coffee producing regions.

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